Oakhurst KwikSpar Hout Bay


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Oakhurst KwikSpar Hout Bay:

The Oakhurst KwikSpar is the smaller of the two Spar’s in Hout Bay, and they stock a variety of food. For example, you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, a bakery, a delicatessen, a variety of dry foods, pastas and more.
The Oakhurst KwikSpar has a reputation for stocking high-quality, fresh and local produce. For example, you can expect freshly baked breads and pastries daily from their bakery. There is also ready-to-eat food available including sandwiches and burgers.
We recommend this store for shoppers who wish to avoid crowded shopping centres. This is also an excellent go-to store for shoppers looking for Thai or Japanese cooking ingredients.
Vegetarian and Vegan Options?
This grocery store stocks vegetarian ready-to-eat meals, but limited vegan pre-made meals are available. They do stock vegan meat- and dairy-substitutes such as tofu. We suggest contacting the store directly to find out what vegan and vegetarian options are available.
General Features:
Public parking available. Proximity to other shops including a curio gift shop, pet store, Massimo’s Restaurant, and the Quentin at Oakhurst Barn. It is also close to other activities such as the World of Birds (along Valley Road).
The Green Take:
Limited information is available regarding this stores recycling and waste management practices. However, they do stock a range of eco-friendly products, for example products that use biodegradable packaging.
Contact details

Cnr Main & Dorman Road, South Peninsula, Hout BayHout Bay,Cape Town,7806 0217909944 https://www.spar.co.za/Home/Store-View/KWIKSPAR-Oakhurst-Western-Cape